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Posts from — April 2008

SeaLife Cameras, for underwater photo shoots

SeaLife Cameras

Work it, baby!

Capture those Jacques Cousteau moments with these new, waterproof cameras by SeaLife. without worrying about destroying your digital camera. Or get vivid, high resolution evidence of the existence of sea monsters, just before your ship is capsized. You can be certain your camera will survive the ordeal.

April 29, 2008   1 Comment

Need a Pet? Or an Analog Synthesizer? Here’s both.


While not especially warm and fuzzy, these Thingamagoops from Bleep Labs in Austin, Texas are quite cute and make intriguing electronic noises. Each one is actually an analog synthesizer hooked up to a light sensor and a light, creating a feedback loop of crazy acoustic fun. I’ve heard there are bands that use these on stage (made easier by the fact that each Thingamagoop has a phono out jack for plugging into an FX box or an amplifier.) On their site, you can custom make your Thingamagoop for $100.

April 21, 2008   2 Comments

Retro Synthesizer Reborn! Dave Smith’s Prophet ‘08

Prophet ‘08 Rackmount

If you were Gary Numan back in 1979 or so (and who wasn’t?), you needed about six Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synthesizers to play your mega-hit song Cars live. Now, Dave Smith, the Prophet’s inventor, has made a multi-timbral modern update to this classic musical gadget, the Prophet ‘08, shown here in table-top form.

“Here in my car…”

April 16, 2008   No Comments

Dead Battery? The HyMini’s Answer is Blowing In The Wind

HyMini Turbine Charger

It happens all the time. You’re riding your bicycle when suddenly, you get a call on your cell phone. After a minute or two, the battery gives out! *gasp* What to do?

Well if you happened to have the HyMini Turbine Recharger, you’d be back conversing in no time.

April 16, 2008   No Comments

3-D Display Cubes

Freak out your pets with these neato 3-D display cubes. Now if you could only get them to show Princess Leah begging for Ben Kenobi’s help, like in Star Wars!

3D Cubes

April 16, 2008   1 Comment

New LG “Black Label” Ultra-stealth 5-Megapixel Touch Phone

LG Black Label phone

Looking like a cross between Motorola’s K1m KRZR, an Apple iPhone, and a bar of Scharffenberger chocolate, LG’s Black Label phone is quite the handsome (and practically edible) gadget. It also sports a 5 megapixel camera. How many candy bars can you name that have one of those, hmm?

April 9, 2008   No Comments